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Flood or Freeze

Electronic Security Systems, LLC specializes in low temperature and flood detection.  We also are an authorized "WaterCop" dealer.  A Watercop is a system that automatically shuts off your water in the event of a freeze or flood alarm.  It also works in conjunction with the burglary alarm, preventing waterflow when the alarm is "armed."  The systems actively monitors areas that are predetermined to be leak-prone and notifies the automatic valve (installed on the main water supply line where it enters the home) when it detects accumulating water.  

Flood sensors can be placed under washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, and even ice makers, and it takes only a few ounces of water to activate the system.

Temperature sensors monitor pipes leading to outdoor sillcocks or those located in an attic or exposed crawl space as well as throughout the home or business.  When the room temperature drops below 45 degrees farenheit, this will trigger an alarm.

Our extensive experience with controlling floods due to plumbing problems or frozen pipes will help keep your home free of the harmful and expensive damage from water, mold and mildew.  In addition, insurance companies may offer substantial discounts for your system having these devices - please contact your agent directly.

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