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Personal Safety

Our two-way personal response system gives you peace of mind and fast response in the case of a medical emergency.  The small device lets you summon assistance with the push of a button.

The base station plugs into a standard phone jack, and you can comunicate efficiently even if you are hundreds of feet from the base.  The system covers the entirety of the average US home, including the front, back, and side yards up to 300 feet.  The system is water resistant, so you can take it in the shower with you, and it can be worn around your neck, on your belt, or stapped to your wrist or wheelchair.

The base station contains rechargeable batteries, so the system will work for 24 hours during a power failure.  A lithium-ion battery allows  you to talk on the device for several hours on a full charge, and up to several months on stand-by.  An audio announcement lets you easily check battery status.

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